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Perfect Weekend - Organise the perfect event for your rotary organisation
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Perfect Weekend

Helping you organise perfect weekend events…

Perfect Weekend is an existing events company that has turned its attention solely to the benevolent sector. Two major obstacles for any event organiser are the cost and the time required – but now there is an answer. Staff have years of experience dealing with venues, and bargain hard on clients’ behalf. In fact, many clients are surprised at how cheap an event can be put on for.

Not only will Perfect Weekend take on the entire strain of organisation, but it is a completely free service.

The best thing is - our service is completely free!

Through a combination of encyclopaedic familiarity with UK hotels, negotiating skills, combined spend of three companies and historic knowledge of past events, Perfect Weekend is able to offer better rates than going to a venue directly.

Perfect Weekend's Managing Director Guy Mason said: 'We really feel this is an exciting opportunity to bring new enthusiasm to the benevolent sector. Many organisations such as Round Table would put on more events if they knew how easy they could be done. We really don’t charge clients a penny for the service because we take our commission from the venues. We also save any organisers huge amounts of time and effort, leaving them to concentrate on “adopting, adapting and improving”. Our years of experience mean we are able to find a venue, negotiate hard, and put a proposal together in a very short space of time.” “Round Table is about helping others – and so are we.'

Perfect Weekend is now a sister company of Square Events, the masonic events company, and is ideal for all benevolent organisations.

Call us on 01202 400855 for help organising your event Send us your event brief and we'll call you